Southern Belle Sings

I cannot carry a tune in a bucket so Karaoke is out for me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think about if I ever did Karaoke which song I would choose to sing. And I think without a doubt if I ever was brave enough (or drunk enough) to Karaoke my song would be Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker. That is my go to song it seems. At home every time I get the urge to sing that seems to be the song I sing. I don’t know what it is about that song but I find myself singing it a lot. In the shower, in the car, watching TV, it does not matter and most of the time I don’t even realize I am singing it. There is going to be no Karaoke for this Southern Belle, so no one has to worry about my butchering this song, unless you live with me and then I can make no promises. 

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