My Journey Into The Heart Of Southern Belle Country: The Food

We enjoyed some really good food in Mississippi/Louisiana.  When we ate out we tried to eat at local establishments.  The family we were staying with cooked a few nights for us.  I tried fried catfish for the first time and wilted greens at their house.  Catfish has always scared me I am not going to lie, but the way they fried it, it was pretty good.  We ate at Roux 61 in Natchez, my steak was good, and their salad was really good, but the thing I liked best there was the little corn pie.  Then there was the Italian Restaurant in Natchez.  Their food was good but not my favorite.  We also at lunch at the Castle Restaurant at Dunleith,  wow!  Not only was the setting beautiful but the food was magnificent.  The plus with eating there was we got to tour the downstairs of Dunleith, which is not open to the public, only to guests who stay at the Bed and Breakfast or eat at the Castle.  But the best steak I had while down there was at Johnny Mae’s in Vandalia.  The steak melted in my mouth!  I almost forgot about the Magnolia Grill, we ate lunch there one day, I had a chicken sandwich with a sourdough honey wheat bun that was out of this world! 






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