My Journey Into The Heart Of Southern Belle Country: Louisiana

All my life I have heard about my dad’s summers spent in Louisiana.  He talks about them fondly, so I was excited to see what Louisiana was all about.  A lot of Louisiana is farmland and there are a lot of little cities.  We stayed on the Louisiana side of Natchez in Vandalia and most of the family we were visiting with lived in Louisiana.  Our hotel was beautiful.  It was right on the Mississippi River.  The one night I sat out on the veranda writing my post cards watching the Mississippi River flow.  It was no beach but it was still beautiful and relaxing.  We could see Natchez under the hill from across the River.  We did go to New Orleans one day but I am saving that for a post all of its own.  Something for Duck Commander/ West Monroe.  I would say if you are going to go to Natchez stay on the Louisiana side in Vandalia Louisiana.  I am glad I can say I have been to Louisiana and seen some of the places my dad remembers so fondly from his past.



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