Fun In The Smokies

Just being in the Smoky Mountains is fun but last weekend while we were there we went to the Island in Pigeon Forge.  It is a new shopping/entertainment complex.  The thing it is probably best known for is it’s wheel.  The giant ferris wheel you can see from miles away.  But there is also an arcade, 7D movie, mirror maze, many stores, Ole’ Smoky’s Moonshine, Bootlegger’s Wine,  a Mellow Mushroom Select, and coming soon a Paula Deen restaurant.  We did the mirror maze which was interesting but not really worth the price.  We also had a cupcake from Sweet Shoppe of the South, which it’s owners were featured on an episode of Cupcake Wars.  While the island is still a work in progress with more stuff going in and room for more.  I was really impressed with it and can’t wait to go back when the Paula Deen restaurant is opened. j





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