I’m Going To Disney World

Well it looks like we will be going back to Disney again this year.  And this time we will be taking the six year old and the thirteen year old.  I am excited.  I love going to Disney but it will be extra special being able to take them back.  And we will be staying at Disney again so this will be the first time staying at Disney for them.  I hope they have a great time.  We are going to have breakfast with the princesses, and our friends from the hundred acre woods.  We are going to have dinner with Mickey and Pluto.  We are hoping to maybe take the one year old too.  I know he will not remember it but I think he will really enjoy it.  He loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I think he would love meeting Mickey Mouse.  This all came about because the six year old kept asking to go back to Disney.  I’m just passing on the love of Disney to the next generation. 

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