Passing On My Disney Fever

It seems like I have had Disney fever the last few years.  After almost seven years in between my last trip to Disney World and my trip last year, now it seems like I can’t get enough.  I had to go this year for my 30th Birthday and it is looking like we will be going next year, and there are already talks of going in 2016 as well.   But now I have started trying to pass my Disney fever on.  The almost six year old already has it, as does the thirteen year old.  So I’m starting in on the almost one year old.   Yesterday we purchased him for Christmas the Little People Discover Disney play set.  I can’t wait to see this and help him figure it all out.  Plus there is the fact that we bought him a Mickey Mouse car seat and stroller,  Mickey and Donald toy cars from Downtown Disney when we where there a few weeks, and we are trying to find him a Disney ride on toy for his first birthday in a few weeks.  We are also trying to take him to Disney with us next year.  He will have no clue what is going on but that’s okay, he will have his first taste of Disney.  And to top it all off I’m already hoping the new baby will be a baby girl so I can buy her the Minnie Car seat and then we can have matching Mickey and Minnie car seats.




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