Something New Saturday (On Sunday) x2: Shake and Smell

Here are 2 Something New’s since I’m a little behind.

1) Steak and Shake Birthday Cake Milkshake. While we were traveling home from Florida a few weeks ago, while in Chattanooga, we stopped for dessert at Steak and Shake. I got a special shake they had in celebration of their Birthday. It was a Birthday Cake Milkshake. That may have been the best milkshake I have ever tasted. I want another one. (Sorry the picture is not the best.)


2) Poo-Pourri: I know this sounds wrong on so many levels. The gift shop at my work is selling this right now. So this became a hot bed topic around the office. So I had to try one. That's right one, there are at least 20 different scents of this poo-pourri. The idea is you spray this in the toilet before you go #2 and it will help with the smell. Well I have to say it works better than I thought it would. And it does smell really good when you spray it.


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