Snow Day

Yesterday was our first snow fall of the season.  And for many of the kids their first school snow day of the season too, including my favorite five year old.  I have to say yesterday was probably my favorite snow day in a long time.  I was already off work yesterday so snow or no snow I was going to be home.  I had lunch with a dear friend and was able to catch up with her, we do not get to do that enough, but when we do it is great.  Then we sprung my favorite five year old and eleven month old from daycare early.  We did not do much with them, we had to stay inside too cold and snowy but we had a great time.  Just spending time with them was the best part.  We laughed, played, watched part of a movie, and got food.  The five year old played in the snow and the eleven month old just laughed and smiled at his sister playing in the snow.  Part of me wishes we could spend every snow day like that but we can’t. 

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