Six Months Later

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months already since the kids moved back home from South Dakota.  I have loved almost every minute of them being back.  The five-year old is so attached to us now that she starts bagging her mom to see us when it has been a while.  The ten month old reaches for us now because he too is so used to us being around.  After the first time we took the five-year old to the local museum center (Children’s, History, and Local museums) she was addicted, so much so that we bought a pass so we can take her over and over.  The newest thing the five-year old wants is for us to take her to Disney World.  And my dad, of course is considering it.  I have even watched both of them one day when the ten month old was sick and couldn’t go to day care.  Both of the kids birthdays are coming up in the next few months and we will be able to see them for their birthdays and Christmas!  I love these kids so much! And now there is going to be another one!  Early next year number three will be joining the mix.  Wow!  That is going to be crazy but fun.  And we will be able to see the new baby as soon as he or she arrives.  I’m going to need a bigger car and we are going to need another car seat!  

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