November 1860

Last evening I met the most handsome gentleman I have ever laid eyes on. His name is Thomas. His family is from Louisville.  He was in Bardstown visiting a friend from West Point and he and his friend were at the neighbor’s ball I attended last evening.  When he requested a dance with me at first I was in awe.  He was so handsome and I have never seen him before, of course I agreed to a dance.  One dance led to another which led to another.  I think we danced five dances, I lost count so I am not real sure.  After we danced a few dances he asked me if he could call on me today.  I asked father about him last night and he said he had seen him a few times before around town and talked to him a few times as well.  Father says he is a good man and an even better solider.  Maybe he will be the one, the one I will fall in love with and marry.  The one I will spend the rest of my life with and hopefully give many children to.  He comes from a good family and he would be a good match.  He is riding up on his horse now, he is calling on me today.  If everything goes okay by this time next year we could be husband and wife. 

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