Winter and Hope

On the heels (or tail) of the release of “Dolphin Tale 2” and since we took the five-year-old to see the movie over the weekend, I got the chance to see Winter the Dolphin this past May.  After we left Disney we drove over to Clearwater to see my cousin, who just moved down there earlier this year.  Since he was working and we had some time to spare, we went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where Winter and Hope reside.  Winter is a very unique dolphin and that aquarium is interesting.  It’s amazing to me that first that dolphin could learn to adept with part of her tail missing and second it is even more amazing that someone could create a prostatic tail for her.  As for the aquarium itself, it is interesting to see all the work they are doing to protect and care for these animals.  In the world we are living today some people would just leave these injured and mistreated animals out there to die but the people at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium care about these animals and care that they may be able to be returned to the wild and are willing to continue to care for them even if they can not go home.  If you are every in the Clearwater area I recommend going to see Winter, she truly is something special and rare.

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