“2 Friends, 5 Questions” Friend #1

1) If you could be time-transported anywhere in time, what era/time would you like to go to?  Pre Civil War on a Southern Plantation.  I am a Southern Belle at Heart and love all things Antebellum.  I would be wearing one of those hoop skirt dresses and waiting for my Rhett Butler to sweep me off my feet. 

2) What is your favorite time of day? Sunset, I love all the different colors in the sky!

3) If you could do one other job or profession for one day what would that job or profession be? Disney Vacation Planner!  I love all things Disney and would love to have the chance to help others plan their perfect vacation. 

4) What is the first physical feature you notice when you meet a man?  His eyes! 

5) What one attribute of the male species wins you over the fastest (i.e. good looks, charm, humor, etc.)? Charm first and then sense of humor.

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