A Bracelet That Tells A Story

Last Christmas I got a Pandora bracelet as a gift.  I knew of them but I was not in dare need of one.  But know that I have one and mine is getting some character, I love it.  It tells the story of me and with it being the black looped one, so it is like a double bracelet, there is plenty of room for my story to grow.  Not all of my charms are Pandora and I am okay with that, after all sometimes another’s charm best fits the story.  My bracelet has a buffalo, Mount Rushmore, an Open Heart, my birthstone, my initial, a cupcake since I love to bake, and of course about 5 Disney charms.  I have some ideas for more charms to purchase.  A camera since I love to take pictures, a ladybug for my favorite five-year old, a 48 for my favorite NASCAR driver, something to commemorate my upcoming 30 birthday, of course a OBX one since I love the Outer Banks, and  if I could find one that looks like it has something to do with writing that would be cool too.  There is one I have my eye on at Brighton, it’s a frog with a crown on, so like he is the frog prince,  it is really cute.  I wonder if they make Duck Dynasty ones!  If not yet maybe soon.  I never imagined a bracelet could be fun.

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