Southern Belle Cooks: The Pioneer Woman’s Baked Ziti

Almost two weeks ago now I made the Pioneer Woman’s Baked Ziti recipe.  It was delicious!  And I didn’t have as much cheese as the recipe called for.  So it could only get better with the right amount of cheese.  There was only two of us eating it that night so it made a little too much for the two of us.  I ate it for lunch for a whole week and even gave some to one of the ladies at work.  I really liked the fact that you made your own spaghetti sauce.  I never realized it was that easy to make spaghetti sauce and I actually think it was better than any jar sauce.  I would defiantly make it again, but I would try cutting the recipe in half, so I don’t end up with as much leftover.  I highly recommend trying this recipe.

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