Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: Independence Day

Thursday is America’s 237th Birthday! But 150 years ago, on her 87th Birthday, America was in the middle of the Civil War. Her native sons were fighting/killing each other. Gettysburg had just taken place. The wounded were still being tended to and the dead were still being identified, if they could be. That Independence Day in 1863 some families would have learned their love one was not coming home or they would be coming home but without a leg or an arm. We have come a long way in those 150 years, it is hard to imagine but things would be different if the war had ended differently. We might still be two different countries instead of One Nation Under God, united. It makes me wonder if Kentucky would be in the north still or the south? Would Kentucky have finally seceded from the Union or would they have stayed with the north? How would states like South Dakota and Wyoming fit into the puzzle? There would be no Mount Rushmore.

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