Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Duck Commander Cream Cheese Pie

This week I made Duck Commander Cream Cheese Pie.  I found the recipe at  The website is called Recipes For Our Daily Bread.  This is one of Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay’s recipes.  From what I understand it is featured on the Duck Commander DVD.  This was really good.  In fact I had someone tell me it was better than when I make lemon bars and that person loves it when I make lemon bars.  I did do a few things different from what was said/called for on the recipe.  Here is what I did different…

1) I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9×13 pan instead of the individual ramekins or a 9 inch pie pan.  (I was making it to take to work so I need more than what those two would have provided.  So mine were more like Cream Cheese Bars instead of pie.)

2) The crust is made of vanilla wafers, pecans, and butter.  I put my vanilla wafers into my Ninja till they were almost powder, then I put the pecans in the Ninja too, which made them almost powder like too.  The n before I stirred the butter in I mixed the vanilla wafers and pecans together and then mixed the butter into that mixture.

3) I baked my curst for 20 mins on 325.  (I only use an oven at 325, never higher,  I just bake a little longer.)

4) I put strawberry pie filling on time.

I must say to me the crust was the best part!  I loved it with the strawberry pie filling and don’t know if I would use another kind of pie filling.  This is a keeper recipe!


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