Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: My New Favorite TV Show

As always I’m coming into a phenomenon a day late and a dollar short.  This time it is Duck Dynasty.  I just recently started watching the show and I am obsessed.  It is so funny!  I can’t get enough of Jase, Willie, Jep, Phil, Martin, Godwin, and of course Uncle Si!  Every time I watch it my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

The first episode I really sat down to watch was the Season 3 Final where Willie and Korie take the family to Hawaii.  After that show I could not wait to watch more.  I ordered Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD from Amazon right away and have already pre-ordered Season 3.  In fact as we were driving through Georgia on our way back from Disney World I was watching Duck Dynasty on the portable DVD Player.   Now that is the way to travel!

I know a lot of people who watch the show.   In fact it was because I heard them talking about it so much that I wanted to watch to see what it was all about, and when I saw the previews for the Hawaii episode I knew that was the one I had to watch.  I just knew that was going to be interesting!  Now I am like them people talking about it.  I can’t wait for Season 4!

Uncle Si by far has to be the funniest!  I like Jase, Willie, and Phil.  Ms. Kay is great too.  Jep is quite but boy does he have Ms. Kay wrapped around his little finger and that makes for some entrainment, especially when Willie is around to watch it.  I love when Jase gets some wild idea and he takes Uncle Si, Jep, Martin, and Godwin along with him for whatever trick he has up his sleeve next.  And then Willie finds them up to no good.

Who knew four men with long beards who hunt, fish and make duck calls could be one of the funniest things on TV?   Add in the fact that they pray and don’t really flaunt the fact that they are worth millions of dollars.  I think it is just what America needs right now!   The Robertson Family could really teach America some lessons!

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