Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Birthdays Times 2

This week two of the ladies at work have a Birthday so today was “food day”.  Since there were two birthdays and two different tastes I made two things and took them in.  I made a Carmel Tres Leches Cake and Almond Cheesecake Bars.  The Tres Leches Cake recipe I got off of Duncan Hines’ website and the Cheesecake Bars recipe I got off of Taste of Home’s website.   The people at work loved them!  Personally I thought the cheesecake bars could have used a little more almond taste and I think some raspberry flavor of some kind could have helped too.  I was hoping the caramel iced tres leches cake would taste like a bull’s-eye candy.  Since I am not a big fan of caramel myself I don’t really have a thought on how it tasted or what it needed.  It was really nice to bake two things last night to take in today.  I love baking, I find it my stress reliever and I haven’t taken the time to really do it in a while now.  It felt good, I miss it and I should make more time for my baking.

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