NASCAR Monday: (or Tuesday) Danica Makes History and Johnson Wins

Sunday afternoon was the annual Daytona 500, the kick off race for the NASCAR Season.  This year’s race was a history making race.  The first woman to sit on the pole and to lead a green flag lap was in Sunday’s race and it was Danica Patrick that did it.  All race long she hung around in the top five but some late race shuffling had her finishing the race eighth, a top ten finish at least.  All race long the lead when back and forth with many drivers taking their time at the top of the pack.  In the end it was a winning day for Hendrick Motorsports, finishing one-two, with Jimmie Johnson winning and Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishing second.  It was a good start to the season for both drivers.   Could this be the year Johnson gets number six?  Or could it be the year that Earnhardt Jr. wins his first.  Time, luck, and 35 other races will tell.

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